“We invite a multidisciplinary team of doctors and experts from the community to attend our monthly tumor board. We review and discuss the medical condition and treatment options for patients. We also investigate the newest approaches to providing cancer care.”
– Dr. Waseem Khan

Immunotherapy/Biological Therapy

Immunotherapy is a term used to describe a type of therapy that stimulates the body’s natural immune system to fight cancer cells within the body. Our immune system is designed to differentiate between healthy cells and bad cells. When a foreign cell is recognized by the immune system (virus or bacteria) it produces cells specifically to set out and destroy these foreign bodies. Immunotherapy is used to trigger the immune system to use its natural defenses to fight off the cancerous cells.

Immunotherapy is not a treatment choice for every patient with cancer. Research and clinical trials have proven that this therapy is only effective in specific types of cancers. Certain cancers respond differently to different treatments, your physician will discuss with you which treatment shows optimal results.